Surface condition observations & testing for evidence of corrosion (risks) Worldwide services of all type of tankers fitted with stainless steel tanks, heating coils or other installations

A clean and passive surface finish is crucial to corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by its passive layer - a thin, impervious, invisible, surface layer that is primarily chromium oxide. The oxygen content of the atmosphere or of aerated aqueous solutions is normally sufficient to create and maintain ("self-heal") this passive layer. Unfortunately, surface defects and imperfections introduced during manufacturing, aggressive (acidic) cargoes or otherwise,may drastically disturb this "self-healing" process and reduce resistance to several types of local corrosion. Thus, as regards hygiene and corrosion, a final cleaning process is required to restore an acceptable surface quality. 100%STAINLESS leads you to the right quality for a long life of your stainless steel.